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If you are a woman over 40, this may be the most important book you’ll ever read.

But first, a warning. This book teaches truth that sometimes contradicts what is advertised in skin care products.

Endless: The Beauty of Your Age empowers women with important facts so that they may be their own skin care advocate. Endless is divided into four sections. The first section is a guide to daily skin care. You will learn what to do and why. The second section is a guide to weekly skin care. Mary explains why each step is necessary and what not to do. The third section is a guide to monthly skin care. You will learn why monthly care is just as important as daily care. And the fourth section addresses challenges mature women face with their skin including menopause and caring for your skin during stressful times. Mary also addresses skin care for women that have had chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Even more than these helpful guides, Endless features Mary’s Facial Menu. This includes a three-tier level of choices for what fits your lifestyle. For example, for a busy day or season of life, Mary’s Facial Menu helps identify the Basic Needs for your skin that are non-negotiable. For women with a little more time, Mary’s Facial Menu outlines the Intermediate level. And for women who want to attain the most benefit possible, Mary’s Facial Menu identifies the Maximum Benefit level for your skin.

Endless is specifically designed to be brand neutral. But that does not mean Mary does not help you find products that will be good for your skin. Endless has a list of Ingredients to be cautious about or to avoid. You will also find a list of helpful ingredients to guide you in your skin care purchases. No more wasting your hard-earned money on skin care guesses!

Endless personalizes skin care more than any other book. Mary shares stories of real people that have struggles just like you. Learn through their experiences and add wisdom to your skin care journey.

If you have ever been paralyzed by all the choices in skin care products, Endless is for you. If you have ever been confused about how to care for your skin, Endless is for you. If you have ever thought that “beauty” doesn’t apply to you anymore, Endless. Is. For. You.


Download Endless: The Beauty of Your Age now and don’t let another day go by without feeling confident in your skin.


Latest Technology

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Skin hydration detector

Ultrasonic microdermabrasion

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Glauca Rossi School of Makeup- London, England

B.A., Loyola University-Chicago

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Commercial Featuring Our Makeup Artistry

Skin Unity was a makeup artist for a commercial for the Indiana Treasury Department to promote the 529 College Plan.


“Being a woman of color, I was so impressed with Mary’s expertise and knowledge of skin tones. Both looks that Mary provided for me were flawless – a simple day look and then a vibrant, fun evening look.”


Very Satisfied Client



Mary Duerden did the makeup for the photo shoot of the book Boho Braids. We asked for a specific look, and she definitely delivered it. Mary has a gentle touch and takes great care with application, and she’s an expert at working with different skin tones. And after makeup was done in the morning, Mary stuck around and assisted with hair and touched up faces.


And that’s why I would work with her again in a heartbeat. Mary went above and beyond. She was a team player, regularly anticipating the needs of the crew and models, and then carrying them out. For example, she proposed picking up lunches so that the rest of the team could continue working during the noon hour; she offered to go prop shopping when we ran out of accessories; on her own initiative, she pitched in to clean up throughout the shoot, so that the rest of the crew had less to do at the end of the day; and she went to the drugstore to get a sick model over-the-counter medicine. You’ll be so glad you decided to work with her!

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