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Applying Mascara

About Skin Unity


We love enhancing your natural beauty by personalizing your makeup needs.  Makeup is more than just putting color on.  Each product has a purpose to design and sculpt your face.  It is personal.  It is quality.  It is you.

Skin Care Services

Do you know what the six functions of your skin are? We do. Do you know your skin type? We can tell you.  Do you know your level of skin hydration? Let us show you. We want to help you take care of the largest organ of your body.

Home Decor

Hello Friend,

Did you know that I have been looking forward to every day I spend with you? You are the reason for the creation of my business. You are my inspiration. Thank you for the privilege.

“So, Mary, how did you get your business name?” you might ask me. Good question! I feel so strongly that good skin care takes a partnership—you and me. Together we will take your skin to the next level. Together we will talk about your skin care concerns, strengths, and fears. Together, united, we will talk about what you can do at home and what I can help you with on your regular visits. Whether your skin is healthy, compromised, young or mature, I can help you put your best skin forward. My tag line, “Everyone With Skin” is non-exclusive. That means guys and gals. I will tell you another secret: I am a nerd when it comes to learning about skin. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read medical journals and talk to experts (and even non-experts), about our largest organ. In fact, I embarrassed my children on one of our spring breaks while visiting Kennedy Space Center. I asked Astronaut Edward Gibson if I could email him. He politely gave me his email address. I have since then discussed changes, if any, in his skin while he was at Skylab 4 during his space missions. Loved it!

On a serious note, I want to share with you where the drive to specialize in oncology esthetics came from. It occurred on a ride home from a doctor’s appointment with my father. My father had been diagnosed with cancer. While he suffered from this disease, I watched him endure radiation treatments that caused repercussions like erythema, dry and moist desquamation, xerosis and severe dehydration. While he was receiving radiation treatments to save his life, the side effects of the treatments starkly stole what life he had left. The doctors did very little for his discomfort. While I was driving the one-hour trip through the Rocky Mountain canyons taking my father home after his radiation treatment, I wanted so much to take away his discomfort. I was mad at the lack of care for his side effects. I was angry at this “medicine” that was killing him. I felt hopeless watching my strong, loving father suffer through the attack of the monster called Cancer. There was something that awoke inside me, some strong emotion, some undeniable force, that if it became personified, it would take the form of Dwayne Johnson. (I have to bring a little humor while I wipe away my tears). I knew with every fiber of my being that I had to figure out what I could do to help others have an option who might be overlooked from traditional medical or salon approaches involving skin care. There was a very specific mission that was revealed to me on that winding, mountainous road that I was meant to accomplish. In honor of my father, I became certified as an Oncology Esthetician.

On a happy note, I am also a makeup artist. This is not from hindsight or a secondary desire. In fact, it was one of the main reasons I received my esthetic licensing. I see the power of appearance on a daily basis. I have witnessed the emotional change in a person after having their makeup applied so that it accentuates their natural beauty. I am an international makeup artist graduating from the best school in the world known as Glauca Rossi Makeup School in London, England. Being an esthetician and makeup artist is a perfect combination. I have worked with male and female models for TV ads, film, bridal events, fashion shows, music videos, bodybuilding competitions and all sorts of special events. I have worked with celebrity photographers in London, England. I love teaching one-on-one classes on how to apply makeup. Another teaching scenario I treasure is volunteering for the American Cancer Society by instructing classes for their “Look Good Feel Better” program. I meet every day heroes in these settings.

An interesting fact about me? I went to Loyola University-Chicago and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I loved that university! I met one of the most incredible professors there: Sister Joan Francis. I wish you could have met her. She loved her students so much. I miss her.

Do you mind if I boast for two seconds? I have five beautiful children who are the joy of my life. (Serious! Even when they are all teenagers simultaneously). Another love of mine: ballroom dancing. I am a competitive dancer and was able to compete in several amazing places—including Hawaii and on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Ask me about it sometime; I would love to share my pics with you. Done boasting!

Now, from my heart: I welcome you to be part of Skin Unity. Come see me. Come improve your skin health. Come see what makeup can do for you. Come enter into partnership with me putting your best skin forward.

Here’s to our partnership!

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Update your makeup look. Start getting the skin you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment with us. Put your best face forward.


"Mary was absolutely wonderful to work with from start to finish. I live in San Francisco and we had a two-hour phone consult on all of the details of my Indian wedding and my desired looks. She was a very clear communicator and provided answers to all of my questions, along with being completely open to all of the photos I sent her. Being a woman of color, I was so impressed with Mary's expertise and knowledge of skin tones. Both looks that Mary provided for me were flawless - a simple day look and then a vibrant, fun evening look. I do not wear makeup regularly and Mary completely made me feel like I did not have any makeup on. I looked absolutely the way I wanted to look on my very special day. On top of her artistry and affordable pricing, Mary is the sweetest human being and her voice will calm any nerves you may have."


- Manie

"I obviously knew from Mary's endless resume of everything from music video shoot makeup to teaching hands on private makeup lessons (which I took advantage of and completely changed the way I applied everyday makeup) that I'd be in great hands for my wedding day makeup.  However, she went completely above and beyond. Instead of a typical 1 hour pre-wedding consultation, she spent over 2 hours with my mom and I trying different looks out. We were in constant communication from then until the wedding day, and she even offered to do an additional consultation when I came across a picture of a look I was interested in trying. When the big day came, she arrived an hour early to get everything set up, and was extremely patient with myself, my mom, and all my 10 bridesmaids. And the best part, my makeup was exactly the way I pictured myself looking on my wedding day, and stayed on flawlessly all day and night (despite record high 90 degree temperatures).  I would highly recommend Mary to any brides-to-be, not only because she is a phenomenal makeup artist, but she is a genuinely caring and patient individual."


- Ashlyn

I have worked with Mary Duerden on many occasions, in my studio as well as on location.  She is a true professional who provides her/our clients with high quality service.  It is always a pleasure to work with her.


- Mark

Mary's delightful spirit and positive energy always shows through in her work. It was a pleasure to work with her. She makes me feel comfortable and look my best. Mary's style is irresistibly feminine and fabulous!


- Amanda

I loved when Mary took care of my makeup for prom! I wore a black dress and was worried about the eye makeup being too dark, considering I have darker brown eyes, Mary did my eye makeup PERFECTLY! She took my hooded eyes and created sparkle for such a fun night! And after dancing the night away I still had perfect makeup in tact! Mary is friendly and warm, she’ll make a best friend out of you before you’re done! I thank Mary for her patience with my eyes and her detailed workmanship!!


- Allie

I really enjoyed the service that was done with my makeup for my prom and absolutely loved the colors, gentle touch, suggested looks that would fit me personally. The facials were very relaxing. Mary was a great listener and helped me with my breakouts!! The service was absolutely amazing.

- Julia

I have worked with Mary Duerden on many occasions, in my studio as well as on location. She is a true professional who provides clients with high quality service. It is always a pleasure to work with her.

- Mark WatsonSpotlight Photography

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