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Compromised Skin

Compromised skin is different than sensitive skin. It is skin that is changing because of medication or medical treatments that stop it from functioning normally. This includes my clients who suffer from cancer.

I have scanned the globe for appropriate skin care products to help you with the changes in your skin, whether it is before, during or after chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

I recognize that skin care changes for you during your treatments; this change might be for the rest of your life. You might have combination skin before your diagnosis; after your medical treatments, you might have dry skin or acne.

I am here for you.

I will work with recommendations that your physician has made. I will not deter from their goals for you. I will assist you to achieve the most skin comfort possible.

Generally speaking, I will be emphasizing ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, hydrating, moisturizing, and protective.

I will listen to your concerns, and we will always use a conservative approach. I will be honest with you on goals that you might have, and treatments that would be best for your skin type. If you have a port, we will work around it.

My studio is a safe place for you.

There is no judgment.

I can’t wait for your visit!

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