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Micro Needling Application

Skin Care Treatments

At your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a skin analysis worksheet, which will assist us in selecting the best treatments and products for your skin.  We will discuss your goals and concerns, and make product decisions based on our conversation.  At each visit, we will review and update your skin analysis worksheet to make sure we are on track with your desired results.   Each facial will last approximately 60 minutes to 75 minutes (unless otherwise noted), depending on whether we add any extra services to help us better achieve our goals. 

CUSTOMIZED FACIAL – $100                                                                                                        

Your facial will include a skin hydration reading, cleanse, exfoliate, extraction in some cases, appropriate mask, moisturizer and protection.  All customized facials include treatment of the eyes, lips and décolleté in the customized facial price.  Your facial products will be specifically selected for best result for your skin.  We will discuss your concerns and goals, and then select products to help you achieve those results.

Based on your skin analysis worksheet, some choices available are, but not limited to:

Proteolytic Enzyme Facial                                                                                   

Refresh your skin with the proteolytic enzymes of green, unripened papaya to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin followed by a soothing, hydrating mask.  Your skin will feel hydrated and look radiant.

Acne Facial  

Deeply cleanse your face–perfect for problematic skin.  This includes extractions and anti-inflammatory care.  Key ingredients are medically proven to assist in preventing and clearing acne lesions.

Age Intervention Regeneration Facial                                                               

Rejuvenate your skin through powerful anti-aging antioxidants including the red wine extract Resveratrol, combined with skin rebuilding peptides and glycolic.  Your skin will remain beautifully soft and luminous for days.

Diffusing Redness Facial                                                                                      

This custom facial addresses the concerns of rosacea or extremely sensitive skin with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients specifically designed to calm and repair the skin.

Compromised Skin Facial                                                                                    

Gentle cleansing, organic enzymatic exfoliation, organic mask and exemplary  moisturizer that includes hyaluronic acid, organic shea butter and jojoba seed oil to provide various lipids that restore the epidermal barrier.   This facial is excellent for skin that has undergone radiation or chemotherapy treatments.  It is also excellent for sensitive skin or rosacea.

Gentlemen’s Facial                                                                                                

Men, you will love this!  We will address your concerns including the harsh effect of shaving and ingrown hairs.  We use high-performance ingredients that provide clear and visible results.

Express Facial – $50

Get right to the basics.  We will cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect your skin.  This 30-minute facial will leave your skin plump and soft and ready to carry on with the day.   Perfect for lunch breaks.  Combine with basic makeup daytime application for a complete look.  (See Makeup Application for prices).  Due to the express nature of this facial, eyes, lips and décolleté will be extra.  Please ask for pricing.

TREATMENT DESCRIPTION (included with Customized Facial)

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment                                                                                

A specially formulated treatment to “de-puff,” smooth and hydrate the delicate eye area.  Skin around the eyes will appear toned, more firm and revitalized  This treatment is included with any Customized Facial.  May be added on to the Express Facial for $15.

Lip Treatment                                                                                                         

Get smooth, supple lips with this treatment that utilizes lipid soluble Vitamin C and Tyramine to boost collagen production, repair free radical damage, and thicken the vermilion border of the lips to provide immediate visible results.  Lips will appear smoother, fuller and contoured.  This treatment is included with any Customized Facial.  May be added on to the Express Facial for $10. 

Decolletage Treatment

The skin on the decolletage is one of the first areas that women show their age.  This area has less reparative sebaceous glands, less elasticity and thinner skin than our faces.  It is often overlooked when it comes to skin care.  It is not too late to change the wear and tear on your décolletage by changing your skin care regime from the waist up.  This area is included in every customized facial.  Add to Express Facial for $20.



Hand Refining Treatment – $20

Improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles with gentle resurfacing on the hands.  Skin will appear brighter, more refined, hydrated and nourished.  This treatment may be performed in conjunction with any facial treatment and with the addition of hand warming mitts if desired.

Glycolic Hand Resurfacing Treatment – $25

Target textural changes, dryness and discoloration with the glycolic hand resurfacing treatment, designed to meet the challenges of aging and sun-damaged hands for immediate, visible improvement.

Proteolytic Enzyme Back Treatment – $80

The perfect treatment for common back conditions, such as:  dehydration, breakout and oily skin.  Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and extractions to leave the skin clean, smooth and refreshed.  You will also enjoy the shoulder and back massage.


This is a celeb and model favorite!  Got “peach fuss?”  No worries!  Dermaplane is a method of exfoliation that uses a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.  It is non-evasive and has instant results.  It eliminates the vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) on the face.  It is recommended for all skin types.  However, it is not advised for our clients that have acneic skin or are going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  If you are going to have a photo shoot (calling all brides!), the dermaplane is a necessity. 

Recommendations are 2-3 days before your photo shoot.  Dermaplaning can be performed every 4 weeks.   Your hair does not grow back thicker or darker.  Your skin may feel a little sensitive after a session, but we will apply a moisturizer that nourishes and soothes.   Add to Express Facial for $100.


Light emitting diode (LED) is a tiny computer chip encased in glass.  Each LED wavelength (color) of light provides unique therapeutic benefits.  LED is non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery time.  This LED light is good for all skin types, and is engineered to emit a soothing, gentle warmth.  Not all LED light therapy is the same.  The LED lights we use are called LightStim and are approved by the federal government .  They are patented MultiWave technology to simultaneously emit multiple wavelengths of light.  These wavelengths of light work together to give your skin the nourishment it needs for a more radiant and youthful appearance.  It is non-pulsating, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  It is gentle enough for rosacea and clients being treated for cancer. 

Acne LED Treatment and Facial – $125

Using a combination of blue and red lights, the treatment heals and calms existing breakouts, destroys acne-causing bacteria to minimize future breakouts, and restores your skin’s clear and healthy appearance.  This is great for teens and adults who have hormonal acne.  Approximately 80 minutes.

Anti-Aging LED Treatment and Facial – $125

Using a combination of amber, deep red, light red and infrared lights, this treatment reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, restores your skin’s youthful appearance, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  What we love is that in FDA clinical studies, 100% of participants showed improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles in just 8 weeks. FDA has cleared this light to treat wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet, cheeks, nasal labial folds, jawline and even our lips.


This is a new generation of microdermabrasion that is referred to as a “soft peeling”.  Our unit offers retexturizing results with the safe, gentle use of ultrasound vibrations of up to 28,000 cycles per second.  There is little to no redness or downtime.   You will love this treatment!  You experience exfoliation of the superficial, scaly layers of the skin.  This revives the skin tissue.  It creates a youthful, luminous effect.  The treatment stimulates blood flow and helps penetration of skin care products into the deeper levels of skin tissue.  The sound waves assist deeper penetration of vital nutrients.  This accelerates the blood circulation and strengthening of the skin tissue metabolism.  You enjoy a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Series of 3 – $325

  • Series of 6 – $650

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